Physical Risks of Abortion (Full-Length Documentary)

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Considering Abortion: What Your Doctor Should Know & Be Telling You

A new online documentary points out no one can say abortion is safe because there are no reliable statistics to document such a claim. But 10 meta-studies (“study of studies”) along with numerous court cases validating the research demonstrate abortion has serious health risks.

Written to effectively communicate with a teenager and her physician, it includes in stunning detailed medical animation revealing how an abortion risks damaging her body and resulting in future children with problems such as autism, or for her, future infertility problems, breast cancer and even death from an ectopic pregnancy or suicide.  The 17-minute documentary destroys the promotional slogan “abortion is safer than childbirth”.  It also warns how physicians who fail to fully explain all abortion risks, regardless of their personal views, could leave them without medical malpractice protection.

The producer, B. Keith Neely, hopes it will be widely utilized by not only physicians but also pro-life politicians. Once the public knows what the validated health risks of abortion are, they would know the truth, recognizing they have been deceived by the left and the media.

Neely is also urging all pro-life organizations to include the health risks to the woman argument in their communications for two reasons. First, he notes that some organizations are reluctant to frighten young women with these health risks or diffuse the sanctity of life arguments, but he notes that a good conversation always starts with areas we agree on and virtually everyone agrees with the premise that we all have the right to know the facts surrounding any decision and that suppressing those facts is wrong and unfair.  Second, pro-choice authorities have seen how threats to a woman’s health (such as what happened with HRT (hormone replacement therapy)) can destroy the demand for a procedure. Thirdly, the promotional slogan, “Safer than childbirth”, was incorrectly accepted as fact during Roe v. Wade and may eventually undermine that decision.

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