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GraceStream: Wounded and Abandoned

Our culture has made great strides toward equality. For women, for whole races, for everyone. Right or wrong, we made the right to abort a pregnancy into a key step in that march of progress. Read More Here

But in making abortion a symbol of women’s rights, we’ve actively avoided acknowledging the harm it risks doing to many of the women who choose it and those who are pressured into it by others.

Wounded and Abandoned is a project that resulted in two documentary videos, both of which you have access to through this site.

The first is The Physical Risks of Abortion (and the issue of Consent). It outlines very clearly for both a teenager and adults, including the woman’s physician, why much of what we have heard about abortion being just a simple non-harmful procedure is just not true. It also presents research validation from many respected sources.

The second is The Emotional Risks of Abortion, a documentary about that very subject. Through the stories of several women, it reveals that there are often significant emotional challenges that appear in the wake of an abortion. They share feelings of grief and loss, depression and regret, and perhaps the worst of all—an inability to meaningfully connect to others. Many of the women in the film lived with these and other sufferings for years, even decades, before finding help that traced the problems back to their source: an abortion.

But more than exposing both the physical and emotional dangers of abortion, the documentaries of Wounded and Abandoned send us a message of hope. The women in the second film have all experienced healing through post-abortion support—just like the support offered by GraceStream. Their stories are proof there is hope after abortion, even for someone who has suffered for decades, not knowing the cause of her pain.

Whatever your stance on abortion, Wounded and Abandoned has almost two must-watch hours of documentary cinema. They will open your eyes to the risks our culture has so far ignored. Whether you’re thinking about having an abortion yourself, or you’ve had one, know someone who is considering it or has had one, or you’re simply seeking a deeper understanding of all aspects of the impact of abortion, these documentaries will help you understand the physical and emotional risks, and remind you that even in the darkest moments of life, there is always hope in Christ.

Keep going through this website to learn more about these films and to see parts of them. Or, you can order a copy of each by calling Devika at 1-844-82-GRACE (1-844-824-7223), or email hope@gracestream.ca with “Wounded and Abandoned” in the subject line.

Why Us? How GraceStream is Unique

FIRST: We believe there is a massive and rapidly growing need to reach the mature post-abortion woman. Read More Here

For every baby that is allowed to live because of the fine efforts of a local pregnancy counselling clinic, tens of thousands of abortions occur and the abortion creates a memory that stays with the woman forever. At the end of life, when a woman is in palliative care and facing death, her fear of meeting God can intensify physical pain (watch the Emotional Risks documentary for more). We do not know of another organization in the world that is focusing on reaching these women other than SCA International through its GraceStream program.

SECOND: Pregnancy counselling centres endeavor to create a safe, non-threatening environment in which women can quietly consider alternatives to an abortion. Research suggests that particular moment in time is not the time to intensify her emotions by presenting health risks like breast cancer or cerebral palsy. To fill the gap that cannot always be met by the pregnancy counselling centres, we strive to educate the public about the health risks of abortion. Someone has to do it. Other organizations have other priorities. Just a few small organizations in the world are doing this.

THIRD: We believe that many post-abortion women (and those men who encourage their partners to have abortions) can be restored from any feelings of guilt, and once again enjoy life to its fullest. GraceStream is one of the very few organizations which believes this is best completely accomplished as individuals engage in the Message of The Gospel.

FOURTH: SCA International and its GraceStream initiative also works with the local churches and pregnancy care centres that share similar desires to reach those we are called to assist, and who want to do it in partnership.

Wounded and Abandoned

SCA International is pleased to partner with the producers of WOUNDED AND ABANDONED documentary, enabling us to distribute copies of them to those who would benefit from them.Read More Here

SCA believes in providing public awareness services on topics it considers critical to how we live.  The topic of abortion is one such subject. While many of us may oppose it because we believe God values all life, we often neglect to think about what an abortion does to the health of the person who has had one.

These documentaries share the evidence many ignore and the stories of some who were very much impacted by an abortion. You will discover how they felt before, during, and more importantly, after – even years after.

Should you wish to have original DVD copies of the documentaries, we are pleased to make each one available to you just for a shipping and handling charge of $5 CAD to an address in Canada; $9 USD to an address in the United States; and $12 USD to anywhere else in the world.

[Prayerfully consider making a donation to our ministry in addition to the costs above to help cover the DVDs and our efforts to get this into the hands of those that need it. Charitable tax receipts (to both Canadian and American donors) are available for those making donations of $10 or more in excess of the shipping and handling costs.]

More About These Documentaries

It is possible that sitting in our very own churches today, there are a considerable number of women who have experienced abortion, living with emotional risks, and too afraid for one reason or another to ask for help.  The Emotional Risks documentary (watched personally or in a women’s group ministry program or in a youth group for younger girls) will help release them and gently point them to Christ’s love, care, and healing power.

It is also possible that many of our Christian church counselors have not received training about the physical and emotional health risks of abortion and watching these two documentaries will be a great informational opportunity for them.

There are upwards of 600 million women experiencing unexpected consequences of abortion, including self-destructive behaviour that counselors have not been trained to diagnose. Validated by courtroom decisions with judges and juries, abortion negatively impacts a woman’s emotional well-being, even to the point of suicide. Upwards of 80% of women seeking counselling for post-abortion symptoms such as uncharacteristically risky behaviour, marital sexual dysfunction, trouble relating to their children, or the darkest of terror-filled nightmares lasting into their 90’s cannot be helped and are left wounded and abandoned with no one to turn to.  The Emotional Risks documentary does provide help.

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